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5 Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP

By March 1, 20195 Comments

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when a plumbing issue is actually serious. Read on to learn when you need to call a plumber.

Plumbing related water damage makes up almost 19 percent of all insurance claims. 

The reason damage gets so expensive is because people don’t know when to call a plumber. Sometimes it’s because they think they can fix it on their own. Other times, it’s because leaks can be hard to spot. 

When to Call a Plumber 

Afraid of expensive water damage costs? Learn these tell-tale signs that could save your house. 

1. Visible Water Stains 

If you live in an old house, stains and signs of damage are often part of its history. But if you’re living in a new place, you should be able to recognize new stains.

Brown water stains on the ceilings are a sure sign that there’s a water problem. Especially if that stain is below an upstairs bathroom. A plumbing service will be able to tell you what it is with one quick visit. 

2. Low Water Pressure  

You’re running late for work and you turn on the shower, but the water isn’t coming out. Now what?

Low water pressure could be a sign of many plumbing malfunctions. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, search “best plumbers near me.” A professional will be able to figure it out much faster and safer. 

3. Non-Stop Dripping 

We’ve all been there; listening to a dripping faucet as we’re trying to fall asleep. It’s not much of a lullaby, and it could mean something’s wrong with your plumbing. 

Dripping in the faucet could mean many things:

  • Worn out washer
  • Damaged or rusted valve
  • Bad installation 

A plumber will repair the valve or washer that is causing the problem. 

4. Unusual Water Color  

One problem that is a little less common is discoloration. If you turn on your faucet and you see brown or green water, don’t use it.

It’s likely a much deeper problem than the faucet. There may be corrosion in the pipes that is causing it to turn colors. Another possibility is that there could also be iron coming off the pipes or heater. 

5. Water Pooling on the Floor 

You may think this is an obvious one, but it might surprise you how many people ignore it. 

If water is pooling on the floor around your washers, toilet, or sink, call for help. It could be an underlying problem such as a leak or busted pipe. These aren’t easy things to figure out on your own. 

In the meantime, mop up the water as fast as you can. Leaving pools of water on the floor will cause further damage to flooring. You don’t want to add that to your bill.  

Plumbing Services Near You

The bottom line is, don’t wait for there to be heavy damage before you call a plumber. The sooner they can get to a problem, the less you’ll pay in the long run. 

Do you have a leaky faucet or mysterious water stains? Don’t keep putting it off. Contact Spokane Plumbing Repairs to set up your appointment today!


  • Kate Hansen says:

    It was really helpful when you said that a sign of a plumbing issue could be low water pressure. For the past couple of weeks, both my husband and I have noticed how our shows head has had low water pressure, and we were wondering if that was a sign of an issue. We’ll have to look into hiring a professional plumber to come and see if we need anything to be fixed.

  • I find it worrying to learn that a continuously dripping faucet is a sign of a plumbing emergency. My friend moved into an apartment the other day and he told me that he’s been hearing the faucet drip again and again last night. I should share this with him so he could call the nearest plumber to get it sorted out.

  • My husband and I have noticed that the sink in our master bathroom has started to drip all the time, and it’s starting to really get on my nerves. I appreciate that you explained that this can be a sign of a damaged valve or bad installation. We’ll have to look into calling a plumber that can get it fixed soon so that it can work better, and so that I don’t have to listen to it anymore.

  • Greta James says:

    For the last few weeks, I have noticed that my bathroom sink drips every couple of seconds. Wasting water is bad for my water bill and the environment, so I want to get it fixed. Thank you for informing me that a dripping sink is often caused by a damaged washer or valve! I have no idea how to resolve those issues, so I will look into residential plumbing repair services that could help.

  • Will, it’s good to know that one of the possible reasons the water coming out of my faucet is brownish is because of the iron coming off from the corroded pipes. My husband and I just bought an apartment complex a few weeks ago, and we’re having it renovated next week so we can lease the units to reputable renters in a month. The water coming our from the sinks in the units has a brown tint to it, so I’ll call a commercial plumbing contractor soon to have a look at the water pipes of the building. Thanks for this!