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Backflow Testing

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Protect your Water System from Contamination

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If you’ve received a backflow test letter in the mail or are concerned that your backflow prevention device might need to be repaired, you should call a reliable plumbing company right away. Shaw Plumbing Services offers backflow replacement and testing for clients in the Spokane Valley.

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What is a backflow device?

A mechanical backflow device prevents wastewater from flowing back into your plumbing and up through your sink or toilet, in a process known as backflow.

If your backflow prevention device is damaged, sewage could enter your home, damage your property and contaminate your drinking water. This is why it’s crucial to call a plumber for backflow replacement as soon as you learn there is a problem with your device.

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Why is Backflow Testing so Important?

Since backflow devices are comprised of internal seals, springs and other moving parts, they can break down or corrode over time. Backflow testing is crucial to ensuring that your device is in working order.

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of water flow from it’s normal or intended direction. When a customer is connected to a water utility the intention is for water to flow from the water utility to the customer. However, the flow can undergo a reversal leading to potentially contaminated water from the customer to flow back into the water distribution system. This situation can be dangerous as it could contaminate the water supply. There are two kinds of backflow, back siphonage and back pressure.

What is backpressure backflow?

When downstream water pressure exceeds the positive pressure of the incoming water supply then backpressure backflow can occur. Boiler pressure among other things can cause this effect. Proper installation of a backflow prevention device will prevent contamination of the water source from backpressure backflow.

What is back-siphonage backflow?

Back siphonage backpressure is cause by negative pressure or a vacuum created by the supply piping. The effect created is like drinking water through a straw. This can occur when there is a draw on water from the supply line, such as nearby fire-fighting or broken water main.

Backflow prevention device installation.

Installation of a backflow prevention device will prevent cross-contamination from back-siphonage and back pressure backflow.  Call Shaw Plumbing Services, your Spokane backflow experts for backflow testing needs and backflow prevention device installations.

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